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Jason wanted to start this business for one simple reason. He cares. He believes that others who claim they will digitize your media take no time, care or interest in what they are doing.  Jason started off by digitizing his father's vinyl records. He quickly realized that others needed the same service, and The Digital Transfer was born. Jason is the workhorse of the company. He believes in precision, quality and serving the individual. He is in charge of sales and customer relations. At The Digital Transfer, you are a person, and not a number. Jason is vigilant, hard working and is always eager to get the job done right. Most importantly, he makes sure the job is always done to the customer's satisfaction.

She calls herself  the art designer, although, Susan does not give herself nearly enough credit She is a very big part of this business. Susan has designed this website, created this blog and does much of the in depth photo editing. Her great attention to detail and desire to learn about all facets of the editing processes is invaluable to me and the business as a whole.

Who we are, Where we came from & Why we do what we do...

Jason Safdie

President, Owner, CEO

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Susan Lacoste

Head of Graphics Dept., Accounting, HR

Our Mission

​the digital transfer in Montreal - digitize media (audio/ video) in Montreal, Qc - the digital transfer digitize media (audio/ video)

Let us tell you a little about what we do here. We have found that there are many people, from all generations, and all walks of life, that have a conundrum. The digital age is at hand. We have moved on from the world of analog tapes, video tapes and printed media. Many of us have boxes of cherished memories that are no longer viewable, or shareable. They take up space, and we can't even use them! Many people don't realize that video tape degrades over time. It is not a long-term storage medium. It is no longer easy or cost-effective to replace your tape player, your VCR or even the needle on your record player. But, we are here to help. At The Digital Transfer, we will take your older media, and allow you to see and hear the moments and memories that you are missing. Once digitized, you will be able to share, with ease, these moments with loved ones.

the digital transfer in Montreal photo touchups transfer video audio photo 

At The Digital Transfer, we take a very personal approach to evolving and preserving your older media. For example: old records, tapes, pictures and video are saved in their EXACT, ORIGINAL form, the way you remember them. We like to think that we bring back one-on-one comfort, to a business that sorely lacks it. And, we help to preserve all the wonderful feelings and memories you find important about your media. If you have an old record, chances are that one of the things you like about it is the depth of sound it brings. Through care, and by recording in real-time to assure the utmost quality, we preserve the LP's original sound. Even the precious memories in a photo, that seems to have been damaged beyond repair, (for example in a flood) could be saved, preserved and rendered to digital format so that the memory can be SHARED WITH LOVED ONES.

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