* We do not recommend the transfer of commercial audio tapes, but we would be pleased to transfer any voice capture or home-made audio recordings.

5$/tape (transfer time)

The first 25 hours of recording:                        10$/hr.
The next 25-50 hours of recording:                  8$/hr.
Any amount above 50 hours of recording:     7$/hr.

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Courtesy of Beatrice Freder

  • MicroCasette Sample3:13
Courtesy of Rose LaBelle.

Rewind. Play. Fast Forward. Flip the Tape. This is the way we used to listen to music. Analog seems so slow now. Do you have a favorite mix tape that your crush gave you in the seventh grade? Did your high school band record it's hit song professionally on DAT tapes? What about Micro Cassettes, the ones that were in the hand held recorders you brought to your lectures, all that time ago? We can help. We will record your tapes in real time and let you bring that music forward into the digital now!

  • Papa Was A Rolling Stone6:53
  • Mandy3:28

 Digitize your old Audio Cassettes

​​Audio, DAT & Micro-cassettes

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