We now offer the transfer of

 PAL MiniDVs!


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Transfer VHS-C, MiniDV, PAL MiniDV and Hi8 footage to DVD or USB.

Footage of your graduation. Your wedding video. First steps. Recitals. Plays. You have it all captured. On those little tapes from the camera. How can you watch them, now? We will transfer all your video memories on DVDs or your computer. We run the tape in real time, and take extra measure that it is well cared for. We can even edit your videos and make DVD menus!

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​​5$/tape (transfer and scanning time)

The first 50 hours of footage:                       10$/hr.
The next 50-100 hours of footage:               8$/hr.
Any amount above 100 hours of footage:   7$/hr.​

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