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Rip your non-copyrighted CDs and DVDs to mp3 on a USB!

​​5$/DVD (transfer and scanning time)

The first 50 hours of footage:                       10$/hr.
The next 50-100 hours of footage:               8$/hr.
Any amount above 100 hours of footage:   7$/hr.​

CD & DVD Ripping

5$ / CD. Bulk rates available. 


Cd and dvd

Non-copyrighted audio CDs are fast and easy to transfer to USB. But, if you have a life-time's collection of them it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task! Let us do it for you! We transfer them to the file type of your choosing. 

DVDs that were made for a DVD player are a harder task. You cannot simply copy them from the disk to your computer. We can play non-copyrighted DVDs in real time and record them for you in the same way we transfer video cassettes. Please see our video pricing guide for more info!