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The first 25 hours of scanning:                     10$/hr.
The next 25-50 hours of scanning:               8$/hr.
Any amount above 50 hours of scanning:   7$/hr.

Sample of full page scan from "The Montrealer" January 2017.

document scanning

​​​​The number of slides, negatives, documents and photos we can transfer per hour varies depending on the customer's needs and the size of the media. We offer colour restoration, automated image repair, and various scanning resolutions at 800 DPI and more. The DPI used for most clients is 800. At this resolution, you can view and share your photos easily on social media. At 800 DPI with colour restoration we can scan 40 - 60 slides, negatives, 8" x 10" documents or 4" x 6" photos per hour.


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Document scanning

Do you still have a pile of paper documents? A shoe box full of newspaper clippings? We'll scan them! Up to 11" x 17". Prices vary. Contact us for more info.