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Other Extras

Here are some other fancy services we offer:

- Jewel cases for your DVDs/CDs

- Creative labels handmade for DVDs/CDs

- Duplication or multiple copies of your CDs/DVDs

- Still photos from video

- Prints of your retouched photos

before photo editing
after photo editing


Photo and Video Creativity

Here at The Digital Transfer, we have discovered we can provide you with some video and photo magic. Was there an embarrassing stain on your shirt in your favorite photo? We can get rid of it.  Do you only want 5 minutes of video from your wedding video , and not the whole 8 hours?  We edit video. Have you ever wanted to climb to the peak of Mount Everest? We can create mash-up images. Did no one get a picture of you holding your hard earned diploma on stage, but you have video? We can create photos of still images in video. If you have a creative idea, we would be happy to help make it happen.