photo touch ups

10$ / hr.

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photo touch up motorcycle before
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photo touch ups old boy before
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A client of ours had many very old photos that were badly damaged. Here is an example of how we were able to restore them!

This very old photo of a cherished childhood memory has been restored to its once magnificent splendor. It warmed our hearts to see the smile on our customer when she saw the restorations we had done.

phot touch ups old house

 A before and after restoration shot of my Dad in his rebellious days of youth. The picture was damaged and very small.

I was able to make a great print for him for Father's Day!

Photo Touch-Ups.

Fix up Old Photos that You Thought were Lost!

Grandma looks beautiful in the photo taken on her wedding day. It's a shame that Uncle Edgar spilled his coffee on it in 1975. Old photos that have been damaged, stained, bent, torn or just aged overly-well, can be revitalized to enjoy forever. 

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