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Susan [The Digital Transfer] took a vague idea that  I had of producing  a future “bucket list” of pictures for a friend of mine who was turning 50 and didn’t want to look backwards….. With just a such a list, for example,  “learning to play poker” some software and a whole lot of creativity and ingenuity, she produced an assortment of beautiful pictures that were fun, realistic and easily made into a bound book. To my friends delight and others that saw the book, it was a complete hit. Thanks Susan for providing the memories of the future!

- Brenda Seely

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The copies of the more than 50 year old snapshots were better than the originals. I highly recommend Jason Safdie's [The Digital Transfer's] artistic work!

-Francis Powell


I used "The Digital Transfer" to convert some of my older VHS tapes into DVD format and I was extremely pleased with the result.  The service I was provided was quick, friendly, and most of all I was very impressed with the quality of the transfer. After hearing that they also transfer vinyl music into CD or mp3, I decided to have a few of my old LP's converted into mp3 format. Once again the job was done with amazing results.  I was impressed with the level of detail they take in satisfying the customer.  They are able to make a header page on the DVD which makes viewing old home videos fun and easy. If you have old movies or music to transfer, you should definitely give "The Digital Transfer" a try, you wont be disappointed.  With the music, I was really impressed with how the sound quality was improved from the vinyl, yet still can hear that nostalgic sound that only LP's can provide.  I am using "The digital transfer" in the near future for many more of my music and video conversions!

- Paul Alleruzzo

I had many small audio cassettes on hand that I recorded over the years,of my mother telling us of her life in Europe and here in Canada…I had these consciously as I am very involved with Jewish Genealogy. 
Having found them I wanted to have them transcribed and possibly have a book made for others in the family.
In my search, The Digital Transfer was recommended to me, to have the tapes put on a disc, or key and then continue on with the book idea, when I was ready. The Digital Transfer, Jason Safdie was able to successfully transcribe all the tapes that I gave him, and I recommend him to any and all who may have this same problem.  He is very well equipped and can do any and all types of transfers, Audio, Video etc. 
Thank you, Jason…

- Beatrice Freder

J'ai fait appel aux services de Jason et Susan pour scanner environ 1000 articles de journaux que ma mère conservait depuis longtemps. Ce fut fait rapidement et professionnellement. J'ai beaucoup apprécié le fait qu'on valide avec moi si la qualité du scan me plaisait après le premier scan et qu'on revalide tout au long du processus lorsque quelque chose n'était pas clair. J'ai aussi fait copier des cassettes VHS et le résultat était au-delà de mes espérances. J'ai maintenant mes souvenirs à jamais sur une clé USB! Merci!
-Pascale DeschampsMontreal

I found The Digital Transfer while searching on the Internet for someone to digitize about 500 of my fathers slides. I needed them done in a timely manner and didn't feel good about sending them off in the mail. I called Susan and Jason and they made the whole process so easy and fun. They were very communicative and checked in with me along the way about my preferences. 
Above all the results were wonderful!! On Father's Day I was able to show everyone in the family a "slide" show from my computer connected to a large screen tv and gave each member of the family a DVD copy. 
Thank you Jason and Susan!!

- Chris Gluck


The Digital Transfer Review

Voici quelques chose nos clients ont dû dire des services que nous leur avons fournis.

You did a wonderful job with my pictures from Egypt! Thank you. I was able to show them to my relatives in Denmark on my iPad! I am very grateful because i have no computer skills to speak of so having a service as you have makes a big difference!

Sincerely yours,

- Eva Juul


J'ai fait appel à pour extraire le contenu de mes cassettes contenant des données Commodore 64. Contrairement aux cassettes audios standards, le procédé demande une patience minutieuse et Susan a été d'une grande utilité pour tester différentes méthodes d'extraction. Grâce à son aide, j'ai pu restaurer mes programmes avec succès !
-Stephane GregoireMontreal

The incredible work that Jason did at scanning and cataloging my entire life's work of photographs, slides and vinyl collection was far and beyond that of what I could have hoped for or expected. He approached the work personally, with genuine interest, care for the preservation of my memories and with a keen sense of how to organise things in the most efficient way. I am eternally grateful to him for the respect he showed to the material and to the mastery with which he approached the job!
- Steve Kokker​

I was very relieved to discover that there is someone out there providing such a service , for years I have been sitting on a great and rare collection of LP’s that I always wanted to digitize, a large collection of slides and film roles which I saved from my archives as well as VCR tapes and tape cassettes, all of which have been systematically and reliably transferred  for me by digital transfer over an extended period of time.  I was extremely grateful to be able to save and archive all this material and for the diligent care for the tasks involved.  Furthermore, it is a pleasure to be able to enjoy my music beyond my archiving as I can now listen to in my car or on my ipod wherever I am.  While in another vein, some of the photos that have been saved for me have made their way into exhibitions and calendars.  In other word this has been and still is a  truly life changing experience for me and I recommend Digital Transfer to anyone in need of such services.

 - Gabriel Safdie

I used The Digital Transfer way back at the beginning and was very happy with the digitizing of my 75 or so audio cassettes and the personal touch that they put forth to me.
- Rose LaBelle