5$/record (transfer time)

The first 25 hours of recording:                        10$/hr.
The next 25-50 hours of recording:                  8$/hr.
Any amount above 50 hours of recording:     7$/hr.


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Preserve the rich sound they were intended to have.

(we can put them on USB, CD, or right on to your computer)

Digitize your 33s, 45S and 78s

We still love the crackles and snaps that old vinyl is known for, even in today's world of perfection in audio sound. We take the time to record your LPs at their intended speed, and we do not alter their original sound. Enjoy the classic sounds of old, anywhere, anytime. Chances are, you don't have a record player in your car, but now you can enjoy those classic sounds you have come to love.


  • Sweet Sixteen4:11
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